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mic Platinum $100

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Melissa Platinum $100

melissa (20)

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jossie love (47)

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Escorts Platinum

Do Platinum escorts enjoy what they do?


Although we all enjoy sex, work as such will depend on each one of us.

However, the vast majority of us pursue this profession of our own free will and really enjoy what we do.

What to do my first time with a Platinum escort?

The first thing you should do before a meeting with us is to relax. Yes, although it sounds logical, being relaxed is extremely important so that you can enjoy yourself.

You must arrive completely clean to the appointment or request the time to be able to do it, remember that the escorts are in the position of being able to end the appointment if we do not like something.

None of us are going to judge you in any way, so you are welcome to ask any question, even fulfill some of your sexual fantasies.

Can Platinum escorts receive gifts from their clients?

We love! And whoever tells you otherwise is lying.

Escorts like to receive gifts from our clients. However, we recommend you check with us beforehand, since we have particular tastes, and giving us what we want will add some points in your favor, which we will know how to reward.

Even so, you will meet someone who does not want to receive gifts from you, but do not be offended by that, it may be part of their professional policy.

What profile should a Platinum escort have?

The escorts have different physiques and for each taste, there is an option.

What distinguishes us as escorts is that we are always in excellent physical condition. I mean, we spend a lot of time and money on how we look, regardless of our weight, height, or skin color, we always look amazing.

And that is exactly what distinguishes a Platinum escort from others.

How many clients can a Platinum escort serve weekly?

This answer may vary depending on the escort being asked.

Some of us have limits on the number of clients we receive weekly and schedule our appointments this way.

The number of appointments that we accept weekly depends on each one of us and also on the type of appointment that we accept. Likewise, the amount will depend on whether or not we stop the days of our menstruation.

But on a busy week, it could be 1 customer a day minimum.

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