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Escorts from Tierra del Fuego

Do all Tierra del Fuego escorts arrive at the trade in the same way?


Each one of us has a completely different life story from the rest.

Some of us started working as a webcam, some others as erotic masseuses and several of us became Tierra del Fuego escorts through a friend who was before us.

What kind of deals does a client of a Tierra del Fuego whore look for?

This answer varies depending on the client and the escort you ask.

At Tierra del Fuego VIP escorts, our clients do not seek us out just to have sex; We can accompany them to important events or dinners, which requires a closer relationship with them.

Some have the "boyfriend deal" (GFE), which means being able to do what a conventional married couple does: hold hands, kiss each other in the street, and have sex.

Other clients prefer to just hire our sexual services, pay the agreed rate and feel good dealing with us for just a few hours of uncomplicated sex.

What kind of fantasies can I fulfill with an escort from Tierra del Fuego?

almost anyone! 

And we say "almost" because each one of us has different limits.

But, generally, the VIP escorts in Tierra del Fuego are open-minded and we like to be part of the sexual adventures of our clients; like threesomes, role plays, BDSM, among others.

The most important thing is that before carrying out your fantasy with any of us, make sure that we are willing to be part of it.

How to be a VIP escort in Tierra del Fuego?

To call yourself a VIP escort in Tierra del Fuego, the first thing you should ask yourself is if there is something beyond sex that you can offer your clients.

This is extremely important, because it is what differentiates us from conventional whores. Although we can all offer sex in exchange for financial remuneration, VIP escorts have much more to offer than just sex!

And this has nothing to do with our physique, there are sex workers who are incredibly beautiful and are not VIP escorts!

It has more to do with our brain: intelligence and the way in which we express ourselves when we are in an appointment with our client.

How long does the date with an escort from Tierra del Fuego last?

Most of us charge an hourly rate and we state that 1 hour is the minimum time for which they can hire us.

However, all the escorts have different rules and rates! We will let you know this when you contact us or you may realize it while reviewing our profile.

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